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Steve’s Football Bible offers the best and most informative Trends and Angles information for the sophisticated football handicapper in the nation.  We don’t offer opinions on who is going to win games.  We provide the historical facts, and you can use that to form your opinion and handicap games accordingly.  We offer Pro and College football handicappers the best and most in-depth books on team trends and angles, pointspread analysis, plus each team’s schedule for the upcoming season.  You have everything at your fingertips with the Pro Football Bible or the College Football Bible.  The Pro Football Bible includes the complete history of the NFL playoffs, Monday Night Football, Sunday Night Football, Thursday games and Saturday games.  The College Football Bible includes each team’s history in the Polls, when ranked and versus ranked teams. Visit our Football Bibles page to order today.

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We have published books on College Football History and Pro Football History.  Please visit our Football Paperback Bookstore page for the best selection of books on College Football History and Pro Football History.  Many of our books are available through Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon.com. They are a fascinating read for fans of all ages. All these books have been updated through the 2022 season.

For those of you that enjoy baseball as well, please visit our Baseball Bookstore to browse and/or order one our great books on Baseball history.

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